Eyes On You

I yawned every morning, sitting on my cute chair, getting myself ready for the day, & not to forget laying my eyes on YOU...coffee&tea



~What makes me happy today~

Anticipating new work, experience, and people :D

Blood Donation

There is a campaign for blood donation and i've attended it today.
It was a nice experience and it was my first time...LOLx..
Was like a small kid asking around,

Q: Hi, I would like to donate blood
A: Ok, fill in the form at the back first

Next i finished filling the form and pass it to the person who runs the screening for blood type...
There it goes...

In the Form, I was listed to donate 450mL blood...

Next moment, still quite chilling sitting at the bench calmly and quietly waiting for the nurse to attend to me...
When i was being poke... it was a little pain but yes, i am scared Lolx... never knew i would..
After that... Blood flushed and within a short period.. The bag was filled with blood... a freshly packed of my blood... heavy put on my lap for a while ... OMG.. i was a little excited seeing it.. LOLx... crazy...I think i'll do more donation in future...

That was a rushing morning but the evening was sweet...


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